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SPARKS OF A SAVIOR-Radio/Audio Drama - Sparks of the Savior or the Unknown World, stars underneath the earth's crust. Were a plant lies with it's own sun, moon and stars. A purple gas covered the plant like the O zone layer. On this planet is full of strange and wonderful intelligent creatures. The most intelligent human like creature are called WonderLanders. Like humans with powers, that can jump high, fly, strong strength and run at high speeds. The second more intelligent are human like creature called BlackHatGuys like demons of the Japan Medieval times. WonderLanders have a Savior or a team of Saviors to control the BlackHatGuys from going into the city and stop them from killing the WonderLanders. BlackHatGuys have power Evil Lords that rule a large amount of the BlackHatGuys. Trying to take over the cities or just for fun they make small wars. This all happens in the Region of the North were are Hero Barkus is the main character of the story with an odd group of friends and enemies also his only love Bellacher join him. His first partner is a created BlackHatGuy named Rajill or Project 2 falls in love with a orange haired WonderLander.  Then he meets up with a dog like WonderLander named Vargshad. Also Barkus and Rajill are joined up with Barkus's little brother Brangira and his first friend Tacklegull who's a huge computer nerd.
Almaura the city of legends is a old fashion place with 1920's outfits, cars and other stuff. But meanwhile on the other side of the only seas like lake in the Unknown World there is Hell's Castle a old black castle ruled by two Evil Lord brothers Uloyce and Banyfre. Who are now taming Ravenus to battle with BlackHatGuys. Who knows what's in store for are odd team of Saviors.

Barkus- Role: Main Sex: Male  Accent: English British or  Normal English Age: 18 Line: "Grrrrrrr....I don't know who you are...BUT IF IT'S A FIGHT YOU WANT YOU GOT IT!!!"

Rajill- Role: Main Sex: Male  Accent: English Spanish  Age: 28  Line: Snarls out- "SNARG!!!! ARGGG!!--- I can't see but- but WHY NOT?"

-ROLE TAKENED- Bellacher- Role: Main Sex: Female  Accent: English British Age: 15 Line: "EzraYin...I've got to give it back to him..."

Kosukdolly- Role: Main Sex: Female  Accent: English Age: 19 Line: " I right?...Your nothing like the other BlackHatGuys..."

Uloyce- Role: Main Sex: Male  Accent: Strong Solider  Age: 35 Line:  "Arggg...Rajill's Programing is out of what am I to do?"

Banyfre- Role: Main Sex: Male  Accent: Dracula  Age: 35 Line: "Heh heh heh! This will end it now!  SAY YOUR LAST WORDS WONDERLANDER!"

Vargshad- Role: Main Sex: Male  Accent: Gollum/Smeagol  Age: 19 Line: "My Nameiss is Vargshadee! What's youriss..."

Brangira- Role: Part Main Sex: Male  Accent: Young Teen  Age: 30 Line:  "Brother let me go with you this time! I want to see you and Rajill fight in action!"

Salvanbrose- Role: Part Main Sex: Male   Accent: English British  Age: Line: "S-Son! NNOOO!!....Arggggggg You Murders....MUST DIE!!!"

Ledailah- Role: Part Main Sex: Female  Accent: Sweet Age: 28 Line: "Oh sweet heart? What happened you look like you've been run over?"

Darsar- Role: Part Main Sex: Female  Accent: Ghostly  Age: 39 Line: "Ummm...So he is the New
Project...His nothing what I was thinking..."

Tacklegull- Role: Part Main Sex: Male  Accent: Smart  Age:19 Line: "I think this is a bad idea...but...fine I'm with you every way! Let destroy theses Evil Lords shall we?"

Gentleman- Role: Part Main  Sex: Male  Accent: English French Age: 19 Line: "TEH! OLD MAN! YOU THINK PUTTING ME AGAINST A WONDERLING LIKE HIM IS GOING TO GET OFF EASY THINK AGAIN!!!"

Mr. Heart- Role: Extra Sex: Male  Accent: Dull  Age: 35 Line:  "Class meet the new Student...UnBarkus...of coarse everyone here knows his father is Savior of Almarua"

Mr. Krido-  Role: Extra Sex: Male  Accent: Hyper Age: 36 Line: "Hello Class! Oh Mr. UnHeart I can see you have new Student today..UnBarkus am I right?"

Albertotle- Role: Extra Sex: Male  Accent: Creepy  Age: 28 Line: "M-My Lord Uloyce your back...I'm just doing th-the program check now sir!"

BlackHatGuy- Role: Part Main Sex: Male  Accent: Snarling Age: 15-30 Line: (Monster like Human Growls, Snarls and Screams)

WonderLander- Role: Part Main Sex: Male  Accent: Human  Age: 15-35 Line: (Human Growls, Snarls and Screams)

Ravenus- Role: Part Main Sex: Male  Accent: Bird Age: Unknown Line: (Caw Sounds)

Extra villains Voices-  Role: Extra Sex: Male  Accent: Creepy  Age: Unknown Line: "So...Your the Savior I've been hearing about...and you must be Project 2? Hmmm?"

Extra Monster Voices- Role: Sex: Male Extra  Accent: Monster Age:  Unknown Line: (Monster like
Snarls, growls and screams)

To audition for a role in SPARKS OF A SAVIOR Season 1 the Radio/Audio drama, please email to or

Name: (First Name & Last Name)


Character Role:

Character Line Voice Sample: (mp3 or wav format)


If you can make cool Sound effects you can join as a Sound Effect Designer as well just send us a sample of your work.
P.S Send the Samples as soon as you can.

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